What Our Clients Have To Say

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“The staff to resident ratio, allows them to provide quality care. I see the people here treated like kings, they get royal treatment. It's a wonderful thing.”
– Becky S. | VNS Hospice Nurse
“Dear Mary and Tracey: Went to see my Dad today. Such a wonderful place and so nice to see my Dad doing so well. Everything was so pleasant and Paula was wonderful. He really likes it there. I thank the Lord that He pointed the way for me. I can rest easy.”
– Mariam W. | Resident's daughter
“To everyone at Grand Living: Hosting us with Dad (Thanksgiving dinner) was certainly more work for you, but you met the challenge of being warm and caring hosts. In fact, you daily exceed the norm, and for that, we're deeply thankful. All you do, and the relationships you make, are based on the passion, joy and dedication you have for your work. Be assured that we think of you often and are aware of your many kindnesses. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to return. Our Thanksgiving holiday was truly memorable because of all of you. With sincere gratitude,”
– Lora & Dave L. | Resident's daughter
“Dear [staff], I wanted to express my thanks for your compassionate care for my mother. I could not have asked for more. You were so loving and gentle. Thanks for easing her final weeks before entering heaven. Lovingly,”
– Laurie E. | Resident's daughter
“They not only care for your needs, they care for your heart. They minister in such a tender way and that's what sets this place apart. ”
– Sandy L. | Resident's daughter
“I truly miss interaction with the Grand Living family on a daily basis; I don't think I realized the bonds of trust and friendship ran so deep, at least on my end. Dave and I are praying that your tours bear fruit and more lucky people can join Grand Living. Please remember us fondly to everyone. ”
– Lora L. | Resident's daughter
“Mary: First I want to say that I am moving in! Dena and I were both completely blown away by how incredible the house is. We are definitely going to refer to you for regular assisted living and early dementia residents who would benefit from your environment.”
– Elder Care Professional from Bath
“I know my brother already expressed his thanks; I just have to add that your visit [to Dad in the hospital], video and email mean more than you know to me and Dave. What a marvelous gift you gave us! Dad does look and sound well for all he's been through; I am glad you were able to talk with him and to pray. Your relationship with him is built on your care and the trust he has in you--not easy to come by in this world--and we are blessed to be working with you.”
– Lora L. | Resident's daughter
“It is the cleanest facility that I visit.”
– Dr. Frangiamore | visiting podiatrist from NEOhio Foot and Ankle Surgery Assoc.
“I have had the honor of meeting Mary Bloom and her team. I toured the Grand Living home, in Copley, and was very impressed. It is set in a neighborhood, that is beautiful and the home is equipped with modern technology that I would feel very comfortable and at ease if I had a parent there. The staff is very friendly and professional and I feel any person living there would get wonderful care and attention. ”
– Kris Kuhlman
“Having spent the last 10 years in the field in the long term care industry in Northeastern Ohio, I've been in hundreds of facilities. Independent Livings, Assisted Livings, Skilled Nursing Homes, Residential Care Facilities… you name it, I've visited it. And I've never seen anything like Grand Living in Copley. The vision that the Bloom's have is very unique and when you're there, you feel like you're home. I'm very excited to have Grand Living in my network and know they're an important piece of the industry that's been missing for many years. You need to visit to experience it. I highly recommend the facility, the staff and the owners, and know that after you visit, you will too! ”
– Bob Pontius | Crossroads Hospice
“Thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to check on and visit my Dad today [in the hospital]. Certainly above and beyond! ”
– Lora L | Resident's daughter
“We don't need to visit any more places. This is where I want to be. ”
– Jim | Resident (to his daughter while touring Grand Living)
“ I feel like Mrs. Vanderbilt! Have you ever seen a nursing home where the drapes match the bedspreads? My room is so comfortable, and I love the low window where I can watch walkers and joggers pass on the street. ”
– Lee | Resident
“ The back deck at Grand Living is like being at the Nature Realm! I am pleased to recommend Grand Living; they are the real deal. ”
– Eileen Sass
“I appreciate how hard Grand Living works at providing a homelike environment for its residents. ”
– Susan | Niece of Resident
“ I really like it here at Grand Living. My room is so beautiful, and it feels like home. ”
– Mary | Resident
“ We appreciated the opportunity to visit Joash and Mary Bloom's Grand Living residential care home. It is carefully designed and beautifully decorated to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for each resident. As we examined the creative daily schedules and the thought given to providing safety and comfort we can truly say this setting offers Grand Living. ”
– David and Sue Burnham
“From all that I have visited, Grand Living is the most outstanding one that I have seen in the area. When I need that type of care it would be my choice.”
– Harry Reeves
“ Their family helps when your family can't. ”
– Trish | Resident's guardian
“ I had the privilege to visit and tour Grand Living on two different occasions and both times walked away feeling, "This is truly a special place". Grand Living is not an assisted living facility it is a home and a family. I can't help but to tell everyone I know about Grand Living, so the secret doesn't stay hidden too much longer. ”
– Larry Booksh | Guardian Life Insurance
“To Grand Living: So my heart is in two places now, more than ever, and I feel like I have a pair of shoes in the front closet whenever I want to return [lives in New York]. Thank you for making Dad's home MY home away from home. You will never know how much it means to me. Don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns, and please send the spinach stuffed chicken recipe. It was really good!”
– Lora L. | Resident's daughter